NIBI Employers' Survey

What can bioscience educations improve to align even better with the employment market and your organisation? Please contribute to the NIBI Employers’ Survey and let us know. Hopefully you will have 15 minutes to spare.

The NIBI is investigating the alignment of the biology and biomedical sciences educations in the Netherlands with the employment market. These bioscience educations are the clients of this survey. We urge heads of department, managers and directors working with biologists and/or biomedical scientists recently graduated from Dutch universities to contribute to this NIBI-survey.
Are you employed as a biologist or biomedical scientist yourself, but not a head of department? Please ask your head of department to contribute to our survey.

Thank you very much, also on behalf of the educations biology and biomedical sciences at Dutch universities.This is the direct link to the survey: Please respond prior to 21 December 2020.